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Robin Walter was born in 1979 in the Paris region. From a young age, he enjoyed redrawing the adventures of his favorite heroes from Japanese cartoons of the time (Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya...).

Through the numerous comic fanzines he regularly created, exclusively for his younger brother, he quickly discovered a desire to tell his own stories.
As he grew up, Robin sought to pursue his dream of becoming a comic book author.

While continuing his drawing education, which took him to the École Supérieure d'Art Graphique in Paris for two years and to the Fine Arts School in Angoulême for one year, he became fascinated with his grandfather's concentration camp experiences. He accompanied his grandfather on regular visits to camps in Germany.

Naturally, Robin began writing about this theme with "KZ DORA," a story published by Des ronds dans l'O editions and divided into two parts. The first part was released in October 2010, and the second part in January 2012. The complete edition in one volume was released in March 2015, accompanied by the full account "Notes on My Years of Internment and Deportation" by Pierre Walter, his grandfather. The book is prefaced by Stéphane Hessel.

In June 2014, Robin changed the subject and started a series about the world of football, another one of his passions: "Prolongations." Two volumes were published, the first in 2014 and the second in 2015. An omnibus edition was released in 2022, including a bonus of 15 pages titled "Transversale," focusing on the backstage of football.

In October 2017, his third title, "Maria et Salazar," was published by Des ronds dans l'O editions. It tells the story of Portuguese immigration in France and Salazar's dictatorship in Portugal.

In January 2021, "Von Braun" was published, a biography of Wernher von Braun, the most famous of the Nazi engineers who enabled Americans to set foot on the Moon.

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